House & Land Clearings

Why would I be looking for a House Clearing?

*Many times our houses carry energy that is not interacting with us in a way that supports our highest good.

*We can also have energies that have moved into our house and are sharing space with us. This can be very uncomfortable with sensitive souls.

*People that have crossed over can also come to us in our homes or be residing in homes that we have moved into. This can be disconcerting as well to sensitive individuals as they sometimes want to communicate with us.

*You might already have people or energies communicating with you and you would like information on why or how you are supposed to be working with them.

Prices for house clearing are same as Energy Healing Sessions

$100.00 for an hour

Why would I want or need a land clearing?

Working with land energies is something that i have been instructed by my guides that is really about working with Earth energy and that is very diverse. There can be land or earth deities that are wishing to communicate or work with you. I offer land clearings for no monetary cost as my guides instructed me it is part our responsibility for walking on the earth.

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